24 02 2009

I love pacman… it’s just such an old game…
it’s so simple, the game play is exiting and the characters are funny looking! the goal of the game is really easy to understand and on top of all that, this game came out around 20 years ago!!!!!

not much to say about this one… as a game, 20/20!


quantum of solace (the game)

20 02 2009

I loved the James bond movie. Daniel Craig is a great actor and the movie was awesome! I do not own the game of the most recent James bond but i have played it in the past and for the first time, i have a found a game that follows the movie story line perfectly. the James bond of the game resembles the actor, the story line is the same! and the game play is awesome. i have always wanted to be james bond and now i can enjoy it.

I only have one word for this game… SWEET!!!


12 02 2009

IMVU is an online dating game with a game play similar to Rune scape or WOW, but with a different game goal. unlike the other computer games in which the goal is to fight to the death, the purpose of this game is to find other people who play this game and chat, play and communicate with them. (it is even possible to play sexual games with them online…) i have never played this game before but if i had the opportunity to play it… u know where this is going…

either way… its a bit of $/month but if u R old enough and interested… i’d check it out!

Half Life 2

3 02 2009

i have to say that normally, i Love playing first person shooter games and my favorite one is HALO. But i recently found myself playing one of the best games of it’s type. HALF LIFE. and now it is one of my favorite games because of its story line, characters and game play! (and graphics too but that usually doesn’t determine weather that is a good game or not)

Over all, I dont have much to say about half life 2 because it is already very well known and very famous. so all i gotta say is…. SWEEEEET!!!!!

get rich or die trying… the game

22 01 2009

today, we know lots of movie stars and singers (AKA: artists) one of the most famous ones, and also richest happens to be Curtis Jackson (AKA: 50 cent)
I personally adore 50 cent and his music, and i loved his movie “get rich or die trying”. But when i heard that their was 50 cent based VIDEO GAME… that was just a little to… much i guess?

The game’s title is also “get rich or die trying”, but today, everyone refers it 2 “the 50 cent game”. and believe it or not… i like it! its a cool game, i like the cut scenes and the graphics are pretty good! its a fun game to play (depending on what your tastes in games are)
If u like GTA, you will like this one.

either way, i recommand checking it out… and thats all for today.
thx for reading.

Network Topology diagram for IT10

14 01 2009

Network Topology diagram IT10

Bugatti in need for speed?

13 01 2009

well… i have always asked my self the following question… WHY is the Bugatti Veyron NOT in video games… it is today known as the fastest car in the world!!!
well… now it is in a game… In a NEED FOR SPEED GAME!!! (undercover)
i do not own this game but i do know that at the end of the game, you can now own a bugatti veyron!!!